Consumer Protection in the Communications Industry: Moving to best practice - Issues Paper (July 2008)

4.3. Benefits of the improved model

The current co-regulatory regime in telecommunications does not deliver best practice in the development, implementation, monitoring and enforcement of codes of conduct. This has resulted in significant issues in the telecommunications co-regulatory regime in terms of credibility, consumer confidence and consumer awareness.

A new model should be created taking into account the recommendations in this paper. Such a model will align the telecommunications sector more closely with best practice in co-regulation, at a time when there is strong support for the development of a national, consistent approach to consumer protection.

The new model would replace a unique, complex, inconsistent and often bizarre system of purported co-regulation with a more recognisable and acceptable form of co-regulation that is common in other sectors. The integration of legislation and codes of conduct will deliver a comprehensive package of consumer protection that can deliver consumer confidence in telecommunications products and services.