Privacy White Lists - Don't be Fooled (2009)

2.3. Thailand

The Thailand Department of Business Development (part of the Ministry of Commerce) runs a generic ecommerce seal with one privacy provision (sites must have a privacy policy). It has around 22 members and information is available in English and Thai.[7]

The Galexia study made the following findings:



Non-Compliance %

No working seal

A working seal does not appear on the organisation’s web site


Membership has expired

The membership is not current


Privacy policy not available

The organisation’s privacy policy is not available


Overall non-compliance

Cumulative total



Department of Business Development Strengths

  • The Department of Business Development white list is available to the public;
  • Information is available in multiple languages;
  • A deep verification link is provided wherever the seal appears; and
  • Privacy standards are published.

Department of Business Development Weaknesses

  • The privacy standards are very low – only requiring publication of a privacy policy; and
  • A high proportion of seals had expired.

[7] <>