An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

United States – Campaign 15 – Wired Safety

Wired Safety offers a plethora of resources for Internet users on how to remain safe online. The site covers a range of topics from social networks to cyber bullying and identity theft. A user can watch a video, read information, or learn more from free classes offered by trained volunteers. There are other research and training activities offered online.




Campaign name

Wired Safety


Wired Safety

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1995 – Present


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Topics covered:

– Cybercrime (Hacking, Identity Theft, Missing Kids, Spam, Cyberstalking, Free Speech, Identity Theft, Kids, Privacy, Scams, Spam, Technology

– Cyberlaw (Child Pornography. Copyrights, Cyberstalking, Free Speech, Identity Theft, Kids, Privacy, Scams, Spam, Technology

– New to the ‘net? (Read our Internet 1010)

– Want to Learn More? (Sign up for out classes)

– Cyberstalking and Harassment (Definitions, support, and help)

– Internet Predators (What we all need to know)

– Is Your Child at Risk?

– Need help now? (Our Cyber 911 help line for victims of cyberabuse)

– Kids Online (Information just for kids, tweens, and teens)

– Spyware and Adware (how to detect and remove spyqare)

– Email Safety (Information on spam, scams and chain letters)

– Chatting Online (chat and IM safely and learn the lingo)

– Online Gaming Safety

– Downloading Music Safely (What the law says and disabling P2P

– Identity Theft (How safe is your personal data?

– Online and Cyberdating (How to have fun and stay safe)

– Online Shopping and Auctions (Advice on safer e-commerce)

– Scams and Fraud (how to tell a hoax and report an online fraud)

– Website Safety and Policies (Building a Safer Website)

– Blog and Diary Web Sites

– Cell phones

– IM and SMS text messaging

– Cyber Bullying

– Identity Theft

Target Audience:

– Media

– Parents

– Educators

– Law Enforcement

– Kids, Tweens and Teens


– Online literature and videos

– Interactive courses for Internet users

– Trained Volunteers (Divisions listed below with descriptions as found on site)

– Site Team and Research Team (Wired Safety Safe Sites. Finding safe and fun links for families. Rating sites for software filtering products.

– Internet Relay Chat Division (Channel Operators – they help to keep the peace, and provide help for visitors on many topics, ranging from victims of cyberstalking to Internet questions.

– Web Support Team (The Web Support Team directly assists the Web Team and includes HTML coders, graphic artists and HTML – savvy translators for our Web site and database folks.)

– Law Enforcement Team (Our law enforcement volunteers...and technology investigation skills...get a Wired Safety Certification. Only current or retired law enforcement officers, Corrections officers, and Federal law enforcement officers.

– Strategic Alliances (This group covers a lot of territory – from fundraising, to increasing awareness of our services with online providers, computer companies, Internet portals etc. We really need your help here to keep Wired Safety running!)

– International Division (Our volunteers come from all over the world. This division is working on translating our site to many different languages. Members of this team work to recruit volunteers as well as raise awareness of Internet safety and help in their own respective countries.)

– Wired-ed (Our online education program. These are our instructors and our writers. They teach the classes, keep the attendance for members, write new classes...busy busy group!)

– WiredBuddies (Seasoned Wired Safety members of at least 3 months that walk the New Applicants through the first steps of the Wired Safety.

– Child Exploitation Division (This team works to get rid of child pornography on the Internet. It is a part of the larger Cyberstalking and Harassment team Division, and a police letter is required.)

– Wired Safety Kids Team (Mentors who want to help kids put together a great website should sign up here!)

– Cyberstalking and Harassment Team (Cyberstalking and harassment is a special division available on an invitation only basis. Once you have completed the requisite training)

– Teen Angels (Teens between 13 and 17 build a fun and safe place to ‘hangout’, teach the younger kids, and learn important skills. This is a quickly growing group – there is a lot to do helping to monitor our safe chat channel, teaching classes just for kids on the Internet safety, and working on building a fantastic monthly e-zine aimed just at teens!)


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Additional Information:

A person who wishes to become a volunteer must be very committed. The individual must send a clearance letter from their local police department to the organization. Once they are cleared, they must attend informational classes in Instant Relay Chat and complete them in 90 days or less. The three primary initiatives for volunteers are as follows:

– Safety and technology education

– Providing help to law enforcement and Internet users

– Protecting the innocent online.


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