An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

United States – Campaign 14 – Fraud Aid

Fraud Aid aspires to ‘provide support and guidance for fraud victims and their families worldwide; to serve as a deterrent to fraud everywhere; to spread easy-to-understand fraud awareness, recognition, and prevention education throughout the world community and to develop efficient tools and support systems for law enforcement, public and private investigators, fraud examiners, fraud attorneys and defence attorneys.’




Campaign Name:

Fraud Aid


Fraud Victim Advocacy

Main URL:


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Topics covered:

– The Store: Spyware Beware! (Computer security products for family, children, home, wireless and business; practical, easy to understand explanations of malicious computer invasions and the software that protect you from them)

– Identity Theft (what you and a murderer may have in common: your identity, all of your Internet activity is on your hard drive, where your information goes, your bad credit doesn’t matter, after proving your identity)

– Firewalls and backdoors (what is a backdoor, about spyware, Trojan horses, worms and viruses, chat and e-mail logging, how to buy computer protection)

– Backstage (the script, motivation, profile of a con artist, how con artists scheme to set up their victims, what a con artist won’t tell you, what a con artist will tell you, how can I b sure I’ve been conned?, where is my Money?, money – laundering)

– Victims (The Fraud Victim’s Manual, how to organize and write a report to law enforcement, jurisdictions, wire transfer systems, know your Miranda rights and how to use them)

– Scam Speak (Fraud Tales, 419 Counterfeit check scam, payment processing scam, payment processing scam letter database, 419 Nigerian Letter scam, hidden facts about 419 letters, Nigerian scam letter free online database)

– ScamSpam (Lottery, welcome to the Free online lottery/lotto scam letter database!, Bill Gates and the Lottery, free online lottery scam letter database search, group lottery vs. lottery scams, how to use world time zone map, international lotteries vs. lottery scams, lottery scam letter samples from the online database, sponsored vs. operated lotteries, forged fraud – aid email database, welcome to the online database of forged fraud – aid emails)

Target Audience:

– Consumers


– Literature


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Additional Information:

In an effort to achieve this goal, the organization provides online literature on the website, and also has a volunteer program to assist victims of fraud. There is a wide range of tasks volunteers can choose to pursue, ranging from technical support and budgeting, to assisting victims of fraud. Those who assist victims of fraud are known as Fraud Victim Advocates.

According to the site, a Fraud Victim Advocate

‘guides the fraud victim and/or the fraud victim’s family for as long as it takes to work through the consequences of the crime perpetrated on them.’


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