An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

United States – Campaign 12 – Bringing Law and Order to the Cyber World

Cyber Top Cops was established in April 2006 in South Africa. It is sponsored by an individual who is passionate about combating cyber crime. His goal is to ‘educate people and keep them informed about cyber threats and the latest developments regarding cyber crime. By tackling the root of the problem, namely ignorance, [Cyber Top Cops] hopes to build a cyber community that has wit and is clever enough to survive on its own in the Cyber World.’




Campaign Name:

Bringing Law and Order to the Cyber World (South Africa)


Cyber Tops Cops – The Cyber-Security Experts

Main URL:


2006 – 2010


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Topics covered:

– Anti-Virus

– Anti-Spyware

– Anti-Adware

– Anti-Hacker

– Anti-Spam

– Anti-Fraud

(Anti-pages include a definition, how one’s computer becomes infected, and how to rid themselves of the issue)

-Internet Security (what is malware, what kind of software is used to combat malware effectively, what are benefits in an integrated Internet Security Suite?, Where can I find an effective and affordable Internet Security Suite?)

– Malware Removal Guide (Conventional Malware Removal Method, Special Malware Removal Tools, Online Malware Scanners, What to do if I am still stuck, ask the malware experts, Final Resort: Generate a HijackThis Log)

– Tips and Tricks (15 articles)

– Report Cyber Crime (21 sites where cyber crime can be reported)

– Free Downloads (10 personal Cyber-Security free downloads)

– Call for Backup (40 additional sites)

– Cyber Top Cop Online Threat Simulations (actual simulation)

Target Audience:

– Consumers


– Online Literature

– Offer software for sale on site


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Additional Information:

The site includes a plethora of resources for users, such as online literature about cyber threats and links to other sites that provide further information on cyber crime


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