An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

Campaign Evaluations – F. Evaluation of the Block Bullying Online Campaign 2009

‘Evaluation of the Block Bullying Online Campaign 2009’, DG Information Society and Media, Final Report, August 2009. <>

Abstract: In February 2009 the European Commission, together with the INSAFE network, launched a pan – European communication Campaign on Safer Internet and in particular cyber bullying which was developed by the Safer Internet Programme1. The name given to the Campaign was ‘Internet is fun. Keep it fun, keep control! Block Bullying Online!’. This report is an evaluation of that campaign.
Methodology: The methodological approach taken by the independent evaluators consisted of desk based review of key documentation, familiarisation interviews with key stakeholders, six focus groups across three countries, omnibus panel surveys with the target group aged 16 and 17 in three countries, online surveys with the target group aged 12 to 17 in five languages, and a media monitoring template to record information on the reach of dissemination activities.
Findings: Although the campaign was on cyber-bullying, rather than cyber-safety, it is one of the few reports of an independent evaluation with excellent methodology, so it has much relevance here. For example:
Key lesson 3: TV has been clearly identified through the evaluation evidence as the key medium for communication. Any future Campaign should build on and grow the contacts made so far. (TV stations were persuaded to provide free airtime or broadcasting discounts).
Key lesson 4: Any campaign material that is developed needs to have several dimensions.
Key lesson 5: There needs to be a wider range of feedback from the target group in a larger number of countries at the earliest stage of the campaign’s development.