An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

United Kingdom – Campaign 2 – Identity Theft: Don’t become a victim (CIFAS)

‘CIFAS provides a range of fraud prevention services to its Members, including a fraud avoidance system used by more than 260 UK organisations across a number of business sectors, as well as by public sector bodies.’




Campaign Name:

Identity Theft: Don’t become a victim


Identity Theft UK

– With: City of London Police, Royal Mail, Home Office, CIFAS, FSA, Metro Police, SOCA, DVLA, Call Credit, Experian, Equifax, National Fraud Authority, BBA, Identity and Passport Service, UK Cards Association, BSIA, FFA, BSIA (a)

Main URL:


Ongoing (a)


– Not mentioned

Topics covered:

– Identity Theft

– How to Protect Yourself

– Who can help

– What can be done

– Are you a victim (all above b)

– For businesses, an individual must have an account to access information on website. There is training regarding identity theft through this portal. (c)

Target Audience:

– Public

– Businesses (a)


– Online literature

– Videos on website (a and b)


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Additional Information:

‘CIFAS is a not for profit membership association representing the private and public sectors and operating in the public interest ... dedicated to identification of financial crime, and prevention of fraud and staff fraud.

CIFAS’ purpose is ‘to protect the interest of CIFAS Members from the actions of criminals by pooling information on fraud and attempted fraud; ensure that innocent members of the public who are victims of fraud are not prejudiced by misuse of their identities and documentation; expand crime prevention data – sharing to encompass both private and public sectors in the public interest.’

CIFAS’ vision is to ‘specialize in the field of application, identity, first party and staff fraud and position [themselves] as the first choice of organization in both the private and public sectors to share fraud data; to be the leader in providing fraud prevention services to both sectors; to continue successfully to balance the needs of the organization with the rights of individuals and to be open to public scrutiny’


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