An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

United Kingdom – Campaign 1 – Cyber-Security Programme

This site is crafted with an edgy style in an effort to attract consumers. Information found on this site is written in common terms for non–technical users. Since the focus of the site is Identity Theft, the organization provides a number of articles, and answers basic questions, about how to prevent identity theft, and how victims can assist themselves. Users are encouraged to download posters and leaflets that can be passed out to their friends and family.




Campaign Name:

Cyber-Security Programme


Cyber-Security Programme-Collaborates within the Digital System’s Knowledge Transfer Network (1)

Main URL:


Ongoing, the establishment of the campaign is unclear


– It is unclear what the cost is to maintain the organization.

– The Programme receives various funds to sponsor competitions that promote research in specified Cyber-Security issues. (3)

Topics covered:

– Assistance for users of security technology

– Facilitate promises made by Trusted Computing

– Focus on ‘the Financial Services sector by studying their previous experience in implementing global and cost effective solutions; seeking to transfer lessons learnt, best practice and identify identity capability and technology gaps.’

– Raising awareness of safe Internet practices

– ’Investigate why it is that we still develop code with potential security vulnerabilities when the theory on how develop code without such coding errors has been available to the community for many years. Then to propose an approach to enabling the software industry to produce higher integrity software.’

– All from reference (3)

Target Audience:

Scholars in the field, business leaders, users of large scale identity management (Reference 2)


– Stimulate conversation amongst scholars and business leaders to find possible solutions, which address the organization’s current priorities


It may be possible to find evaluations for projects funded by this foundation


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