An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

New Zealand – Campaign 4 – NetSafe: In My Day

‘InMyDay’ focuses on educating adults on activities young people engage in online, which for adults occurred offline. For instance, when adults were in school, talking to friends after school may have happened on campus; in contrast, children chat with friends online. ‘InMyDay’ is designed to help parents understand the new environment of the Internet and challenges that children may face in the cyberspace.




Campaign Name:

In My Day



Main URL:


2000 – 2009


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Topics covered:

– Publishing Content Information (Unacceptable Digital Format, Copyright Infringement, Harassment/Abuse)

– Online Trading Information (Scams, Computer Security)

– Computer Security Information (Have you heard of a virus?, Can computers get infected?, How does a computer get infected?, What does a computer look/act like when it is infected?, What can you do if it is infected?, How can you stop a computer from getting infected?)

– Communicating Information (Inappropriate/Scary Material, Scams, Time Management, Exposure to Sexual Content, Unacceptable Digital Footprint, Harassment/Abuse, Computer Security)

– Some Websites allow you to do research (Computer Security, Inappropriate/Scary Material, Exposure to Sexual Content)

– Official Publications (Exposure to sexual content, Copyright Infringement, Copyright Infringement, Computer Security, Time Management, Inappropriate/Scary Material)

Target Audience:

– Parents


– Online Literature

– Video


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Additional Information:

‘InMyDay’ holds the belief that ‘parents and caregivers have an opportunity to support young people as they learn to manage the challenges that cyberspace will inevitably offer up. Conversation is a powerful tool for parents and caregivers to use in supporting young people.’ When adults equip themselves with the knowledge of the issues at play, they will be able to engage and support young people ‘in their day’.


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