An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

Ireland – Campaign 2 – Crime Prevention: Personal Safety

This site provides straightforward information; basic questions are answered on each page, and links for further information is available. However, the site does not offer interactive games, nor a mission statement germane to Internet activities.




Campaign name

Crime Prevention: Personal Safety


Police Service of Northern Ireland

Main URL:


Not mentioned


Government funding

Topics covered:

– Personal Safety

– Home safety

– Identity Theft (Stay Safe Online, Shrug Off Shoulder Surfers, Fraud, Personal Fraud, Business Fraud, Internet/mail, identity theft/fraud, boiler rooms, high yield investments)

– Scams (Link to Office of Fair Trading)

- Internet Safety (Advice for Parents, links for more information)

– Mobile Phone (Remember to..., if your mobile is lost or stolen)

– Vehicle Safety

– Buying a Car

– Carers and Care Professionals

Target Audience:

– Consumers


– Offers links for further information

– Online Literature


Not found


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