An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

International campaigns – Campaign 3 – Safe and Secure Online

(ISC)² is a global, not-for-profit organisation with headquarters in the United States and offices in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

‘Through our Safe and Secure Online Program, our member volunteers help children ages 11 – 14 learn how to protect themselves online. With support from Childnet International, a UK – based charity that aims to make the Internet a safe place for children, we began Safe and Secure Online in 2006 to address the gap in security advice that exists in children's safety outreach efforts.’




Campaign Name:

(ISC)² Safe and Secure Online Program



Main URL:


Copyright 2008 – 2010


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Topics covered:

Wide range, including:

– Sexting

– Cyber Predators

– Application and website security

– Information protection

– Spyware


– Online shopping

– Phishing

– Malware

– Passwords

Target Audience:

General public (communities and organisations)

‘Safe and Secure’ specifically for children ages 11 – 14


– Provide vendor – neutral education products

– Career services

– Gold Standard credentials to professionals

– Security awareness tools available for public download from website (and also upload by members)

– ‘Safe and Secure’ program relies on volunteers to present their materials not only online, but also to schools


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Additional Information:

In terms of the certifications, (ISC)² claim their ‘credentials are essential to both individuals and employers for the seamless safety and protection of information assets and infrastructures.’


1. ‘About (ISC)²’ (ISC)² Cyber Exchange <> (accessed 24 June 2010).