BSA & Galexia Global Coud Computing Scorecard (2016) - Galexia Analytics Release

2016 Rank 3. Germany - Score: 82.02 | Change from 2013 Score: +2.96 - Rank: +1

Germany has comprehensive cybercrime legislation and up-to-date intellectual property protection in place. The combination of these laws provides reasonable protection for cloud computing services in Germany.

Germany also has modern electronic commerce and electronic signature laws. Like most European countries, Germany has comprehensive privacy legislation, but it includes onerous registration requirements that may act as a cost barrier for the use of cloud computing.

Germany has a strong commitment to international standards and interoperability.

Germany is making good progress on extending broadband access to the population. Its current target is to ensure that all households have access to broadband with speeds of at least 50 Mbps by 2018.

Germany rose one spot in the rankings, from 4th in 2013 to 3rd in 2015.

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