BSA & Galexia Global Coud Computing Scorecard (2016) - Galexia Analytics Release

2016 Rank 13. Malaysia - Score: 69.66 | Change from 2013 Score: +0.15 - Rank: same

Malaysia has modern electronic signature laws, electronic commerce laws, and privacy laws in place. These measures provide a strong level of protection for the  digital economy and cloud computing in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s copyright laws are aligned with international standards, although enforcement remains patchy.

Malaysia has a moderate level of broadband penetration. In 2015, the government committed to new broadband targets: by 2020, 100% of households in capital cities and high-impact growth area to have access to speeds of 100 Mb/s and 50% of households in suburban and rural areas to have access to speeds of 20 Mb/s.

Malaysia remained steady in its position at 13th place.

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