Intelligence Report - Galexia Intelligence Report: An introduction to Internet Content Regulation in Asia and the Pacific (June 2001)

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Content regulations for online services in Asia are at a very immature stage, based on national laws or self regulatory codes which often attempt to reflect local values and morals. The level of compliance with these regulations varies to a substantial degree.

The basic structure of all Asian regimes for content regulation is that they require action by a carrier if it becomes aware that prohibited material is being carried. In some cases this will be through complaints from consumers, in others it will be as a result of government or agency notices. There are no regimes which require carriers to monitor all traffic. In some jurisdictions licences may be linked to compliance with local content regulation.

However, some Asian jurisdictions are discussing options for preventing access by local residents to offshore Internet gambling services. Governments in Asia take this issue more seriously than general content regulation (eg adult material) because of the serious revenue implications involved. More heavy handed regulation of Internet services may result from this debate.

This report is intended to provide a very brief overview of Internet content regulation (for both adult material and gambling) in four key Asian jurisdictions, along with links to sites where developments can be followed.


An Introduction to Internet Content Regulation in Asia and the Pacific: Intelligence Report Contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Hong Kong
  • 3. Japan
  • 4. South Korea
  • 5. Taiwan

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