Intelligence Report - Galexia Intelligence Report: An Introduction to e-Commerce Law (May 2001)

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E-law is a term used to describe an emerging body of law relating to the Internet and electronic commerce. It is not as well defined an area of law as, say, family law or environmental law, and it is still at a fairly immature stage. However, the boom in the use and commercialisation of the Internet has led to the swift development of cases and legislation in this field.

Over time, it is likely that e-law will develop in unexpected ways and break away from its traditional legal roots. E-law will emerge as its own branch of law.


An Introduction to e-Commerce Law: Intelligence Report Contents

  • 1. Introduction - What is E-Law?
  • 2. What does this Intelligence Report Cover?
  • 3. Access
  • 4. Domain Names
  • 5. Copyright
  • 6. Contracts and Jurisdiction
  • 7. Defamation
  • 8. Content Regulation
  • 9. Workplace Issues
  • 10. Privacy
  • 11. Encryption
  • 12. Consumer Protection
  • 13. Further reading and contacts

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