Intelligence Report - Galexia Intelligence Report: Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) (February 2001)

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A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) determines whether a system and related business practices meet the requirements of the privacy laws, codes and accepted practices. A PIA can also help gauge consumer acceptance.

A Privacy Impact Assessment is a tool for use in consciously and systematically identifying and addressing privacy issues. PIAs may be viewed as feasibility studies from a privacy perspective.

Over time, PIAs are likely to become a vital tool in biometrics applications. The PIA process will ensure that organisations have identified and addressed the full range of privacy issues that arise from their proposed biometrics implementation, and the PIA process will lead to greater consumer confidence in the use of biometrics.

Galexia has developed a PIA methodology and has a track record assisting with the implementation of new technology projects.


Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs): Intelligence Report Contents

  • 1. Purpose and description of a PIA
  • 2. Experiences of the PIA process
  • 3. Who should be involved in preparing the PIA?
  • 4. When is a PIA required?
  • 5. Designing a PIA
  • 6. Publication of the PIA report
  • 7. Other compliance measures
  • 8. Sample PIA checklist for the use of Digital Certificates by individuals interacting with federal government agencies

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