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Land rights in virtual worlds - August 2007

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In August 2007, the State of Play V: Building the Global Metaverse conference was held in Singapore. Jointly organized by Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, New York Law School, Trinity University, and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, this global conference on ‘virtual worlds’ invited experts across disciplines to discuss the future of cyberspace and the impact of these new immersive, social online environments on education, law, politics and society. The hallmark of the conference was its multi-disciplinary perspective.

Professor Yee Fen Lim spoke at the State of Play V conference on the topic of Space, Place and Culture focusing on the concept of land in Second Life, a highly topical issue due to the Bragg v Linden litigation currently on foot in the US.

Yee Fen also ran a Workshop on Law and Regulation at the State of Play V conference with colleagues from CAPTEL, Nanyang Business School.

Both Yee Fen’s paper and Workshop were reported in the press.

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