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Galexia attends the second APEC Privacy Seminar in Cairns - June 2007

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In June 2007, Sarah Andrews, Chris Connolly and Peter van Dijk attended the 2nd APEC Privacy Seminar in Cairns. The APEC Data Privacy Seminar brought together governments, regulators, supervisory authorities, business and consumers of APEC economies to explore the practical mechanisms to facilitate the responsible and accountable transfer of personal information across international borders.

Following on from the first seminar in Canberra in January 2007, the seminar looked at:

  • Cross-border privacy rules in protecting cross-border transfers of personal information
  • The development of cross-border cooperative arrangements between stakeholders to facilitate the implementation of cross-border privacy rules, and
  • The role of privacy regulators, trustmarks and Pathfinder projects in implementing a cross-border rules privacy system.

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