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Galexia publishes article on the Montreux Declaration - November 2005

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Privacy commissioners around the world have called for the United Nations to prepare a convention on data protection. The proposed convention will recognise the universal nature of data protection and privacy rights and will seek to overcome the inconsistencies and barriers to cross-border information exchanges created by inconsistent data protection regimes.

The proposals for a universal privacy convention were made following the 27th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (Montreux, Switzerland, 14-16 September 2005).

The Montreux Declaration recognises the increasing cross-border context surrounding data exchange; the disparity in national and regional data protection regimes; and the protection of privacy as a fundamental human right and recommended the creation of a convention to strengthen the universal character of data protection principles.

This article includes detailed information about the Declaration and the proposal for an international convention. This article also considers other international and regional efforts aimed at promoting harmonisation of privacy laws and the potential impact of a UN data protection privacy convention.

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