Galexia Alumni

Steven Robertson - BSc BA (Hons) LLB (Hons) - Senior Consultant

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Steven was a senior consultant at Galexia. He has expertise in domestic and regional privacy laws, and global privacy developments. Steven has participated in a number of Galexia’s Privacy Impact Assessments, including PIAs for the PIA for the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority Facial Recognition System and the Department of Defence. He has also assisted with Galexia’s regional privacy management projects and law reform submissions. Steve has also consulted on Galexia projects for the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network regarding Customer Service Charters and informed consent in Australian law and the review of the proposed Credit Reporting Code for the Australasian Retail Credit Association. Steven has a particular interest in International Privacy and has previously worked on a comparative analysis of Indonesia’s omnibus electronic commerce and cybercrime law, and has previously assisted with Galexia’s work on online authentication and identification systems in the Asia-Pacific.

Steven holds a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and computer science, a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in philosophy and German, and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at the University of Sydney.