PKI Interoperability Models (February 2005)

3.4. APEC

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation[17] (APEC) is a regional forum for facilitating economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific. The APEC Telecommunications and Information Technologies Working Group (APEC TEL) is the main APEC forum that examines e-security (including authentication). The eSecurity Task Group (ESTG) is a sub-group of APEC TEL. The ESTG has developed Draft Guidelines for Schemes to issue certificates capable of being used in cross border jurisdiction ecommerce (the ESTG PKI Guidelines[18]).

The Guidelines begin with a set of Guiding Principles for PKI-based Approaches to Electronic Authentication. Relevant sections include.

  • The development of frameworks that set out parameters for the establishment and operation of certification authorities (CAs) can facilitate cross-jurisdictional acceptance of the services they provide.
  • Such frameworks should allow for the acceptance of services originating in other jurisdictions.
  • The establishment of legislative and legal frameworks that give legal effect to documents and signatures in electronic form produced by both domestic and foreign CAs will facilitate legal predictability on a cross-jurisdictional basis.
  • Such frameworks should not unduly require the use of particular technologies. In addition, they should allow for changing market standards, developments in existing technology and the introduction of new technology.
  • Requirements for the institutional standing of CA service providers (including capital and financing requirements for the establishment and operation of CAs) can generate public trust and confidence and facilitate cross-jurisdictional recognition of certificates issued by those CAs.
  • Assessment schemes that utilise recognised standards and best practice to ensure technical interoperability between participants can facilitate cross-jurisdictional recognition of certificates.
  • The implementation of widely accepted technical standards and management in PKI assessment schemes can allow for CAs to be assessed.
  • Policies and procedures for cross-jurisdictional recognition of PKI assessment schemes can facilitate legal predictability and certainty in respect of certificates issued under those schemes.

Although the basic APEC interoperability model is cross-recognition (discussed in detail below), the Guidelines include detailed interoperability requirements for the accreditation and oversight of CAs which could be useful for other interoperability processes such as cross-certification, a bridge CA or a certificate trust list.

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