An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

1.1. Methodology

This project has consisted of two research components:

  • Component 1 – Comparative analysis of international initiatives
    The first component was a comparative analysis of the approaches taken internationally to provide awareness raising and educational activities designed to empower the general and small business community with respect to Cyber-Security risks. This study examined a selection (68 in total) of initiatives in 11 jurisdictions. This study is not intended to represent an exhaustive study of every initiative in every jurisdiction. There has been a focus on English language initiatives – although 13 French and German initiatives were included in the study. Australian initiatives and resources were not included in this study.
  • Component 2 – Campaign evaluations
    The second component was an analysis of the literature used to support the implementation of these strategies as well as literature that evaluates the effectiveness of Cyber-Security education and awareness raising programs. This involved the examination of the only 2 initiatives (out of 68) where an evaluation had been conducted – plus 5 evaluations of similar campaigns in other fields (such as cyber-safety). This study is reporting on evaluations that are available and not evaluating campaigns per se.