An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

International campaigns – Campaign 1 – Cyber Criminals Most Wanted

This website provides Internet users with a plethora of resources for Internet safety and news from countries around the world. Additionally, the site provides pictures of wanted cybercriminals, hijackers, and criminals in an effort to heighten awareness of cybercrime and criminals who have yet to be arrested. The site does not provide users with an overview of the site, or a mission statement.




Campaign Name:

Cyber Criminals Most Wanted (International, rooted in US)


Cyber Criminals Most Wanted

Main URL:


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Topics covered:

– News Articles in regards to cyber crime (Around the World)

– News 4 Specific Topics (wide variety of topics from online hackers stealing cash to facebook privacy policies)

– Internet Safety Guide

– Internet Shopping Guide

– Cyber Stalking

– Cyber Terrorism

– Digital Divide

– Electronic Disposal

– Fraud

– Hacking

– Hoaxes

– ID Theft

– Netiquette

– Privacy

– Scams

– Security

– Spam

– Spyware

– Viruses and Infectors

– References for:
(cybercrime professionals, attorneys, law enforcement, advanced professional services, register LE cybercrime unites, register LE cybercrime USA precincts)

– Find Cybercrime Professionals:
(attorneys – global, attorneys – USA, expert witnesses, forensic specialists, investigators, LE Cybercrime Units – global, LE Cybercrime Units – USA, LE Cybercrime Precincts – USA, LE Cybercrime Precincts – global)

– Laws (In the USA, International)

– About this Website (Contact, Policies, Mission)

(All available from the drop down menus in the left bar)

Target Audience:

– Internet Users

– Corporate Users

– Educators

– Families

– Kids

– Parents

– Seniors

– Teens


– Online interactive games

– Training and Seminars

– Advertisements for Internet Security software

– List of open seminars regarding Cyber-Security throughout the US and in the UK

– Free online scanners

– Advertisements for books regarding Internet Safety

– Online Literature from an accumulation of websites

– Advertisements through Facebook

– Directs users to the Internet Crime Report Center in US


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