An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

United States – Campaign 7 – Working to Resolve Identity Theft

The Identity Theft Resource Centre’s mission is to

‘provide best in class victim assistance at no charge to consumers throughout the United States. Educate consumers, corporations, government agencies and other organization on best practices for fraud and identity theft detection, reduction and mitigation. [Lastly, to] provide enterprise consulting and outsourced services related to information breach, fraud and identity theft.’




Campaign Name:

Working to Resolve Identity Theft (a)


Identity Theft Resource Center with American National Standards Institute, National Foundation for Credit Counseling, National Cyber Forensics and training Alliance, National Cyber-Security Alliance, California Crime Prevention Officers Association, Securing our eCity, Victim Assistance Coordinating Council, San Diego District Attorney’s Victim Assistance Program, San Diego County Board of Supervisors (a)

Main URL: (a)


1999 – Present (c)


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Sponsored by First Advantage Membership Services, Trend Micro, Fellowes, Uni-ball, ID Analytics, Spamcuaq, Qualcomm,, Identity Theft 911, Trusted ID, Debix: The Identity Protection Network, Soph Shield, Info Armor: Identity Protection Experts, California Consumer Protection Foundation

Topics covered:

– Victim Solutions (Help! I’m a victim, Letter Templates, Inspirational Thoughts)

– Prevention Tips (Consumer guide, ID theft test, workplace FAQ’s)

– Scams and Consumer Alerts (Scams, specific scam alert, resources and other scam alerts, example of scams)

– Teen Space (teen fact sheets, teacher enrichment, sponsors of teen space, ID theft quizzes)

– About ITRC (Corporate overview, history, awards and commendation)
– ITRC Sponsors (Sponsor Logos and links)

- Training and presentations (Presentation/training, past presentations, presenter biographies)

– Media resources (Press releases)

– Law Enforcement (Victim communications, victim relations, presentation and training)

– Business Solutions (workplace facts, consultation services, business IQ test)

– Community event (upcoming and past); Pages offered in Spanish and Chinese

– State Resources

– Identity Theft News

– Commendations (b)

Target Audience:

– Parents

– Teachers

– General Public (b)


– Presentations/Training about Privacy Rights

– Community Events


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Additional Information:

The Resource Center promotes the belief that:

‘both consumers and businesses are victims of identity theft and fraud. Prevention and reduction of identity theft will require education and cooperation between consumers, business, law enforcement agencies, and legislators. The ITRC believes that support and education of business has a strong positive impact on the restoration of victims’ lives, and the prevention of further identity theft. [Lastly,] the ITRC has consciously avoided legal advocacy as a method of forwarding its mission.’


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