An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

New Zealand – Campaign 1 – NetSafe Netbasics

Netbasics is one of several campaigns created by the Netsafe Group intended to educate and support various groups in relation to cybersafety issues. Net safe’s Strategic Partners include the Ministry of Education, and InternetNZ. The various members of the Netsafe Group represent different perspectives from across New Zealand’s cyberspace community, from areas including: government, education, law, industry, community, parents and caregivers and young people.




Campaign name

Netsafe Netbasics


Netsafe Group

Main URL:


1998 till present


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Topics covered:

– Dangerous downloads

– Firewall protection

– Phasing and fake websites

– Password Protection

– Staying safe online

– Updating for security

– Backing up important data

Target Audience:

Home computer users (specifically families)


– Create animated stories to demonstrate important risks and issues in

– Online guidelines provided alongside each ‘episode’ to assist users manage the risks identified


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Additional Information:

In 2008, the Netbasics web site was awarded the gold medal in the Interactive Media and Web Design category of the Design Institute of New Zealand’s Best Design Awards.


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