An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

Germany – Campaign 2 – Klicksafe

The campaign wants to show the different dangers and risks of surfing the Internet and helps the public to protect themselves from cybercrimes by teaching them to understand the risks and issues.




Campaign Name:



This is a program founded by the EU Commission. In Germany the EU program ‘Safer Internet Program’ is implemented by ‘Safer internet DE’ alliance. The campaign should sensitise people and media to exposure to risks on the internet.

Main URL:


2004 – ongoing (at the moment for the duration of 4 more years)


Not available (co-funded by the EU)

Topics covered:

– Data protection

– Cyber communication (chat, e-mail, spam, social networking, bullying)

– Computer games and addiction

– Pornography

– Right – wing extremism

– Depiction of violence

– Exposure of eating disorders

– Fraud

– Peer-to-peer issues

Target Audience:

– Parents

– Teachers and pedagogues


– Information about Internet safety topics

– Free brochures and materials for the public and especially for teachers to use in school

– Public commercials: ‘Klicksafe spots’

– Annual ‘Safer Internet Day’ (different events and lectures)

– Hotlines and Helplines


The results of the campaign are not published


1. Homepage: <> (all accessed 9 June 2010)

2. Summary of the campaign:

3. Klicksafe spots:

– ‘Wo lebst Du’ (= Where do you live?): <> available in English

– ‘Wo ist Klaus?’ (= Where is Klaus?): <>