BSA & Galexia Global Coud Computing Scorecard (2016) - Galexia Analytics Release

2016 Rank 1. Japan - Score: 84.78 | Change from 2013 Score: +0.68 - Rank: same

Japan has a comprehensive suite of modern laws that support and facilitate the digital economy and cloud computing.

Japan has comprehensive privacy legislation, which it plans to strengthen by introducing a new central regulator, complemented by stronger enforcement provisions that will come into force in 2017. 

Japan ratified the Convention on Cybercrime in 2012, setting a positive example for other countries.

Japan’s intellectual property laws cover the full range of protections relevant to cloud computing.

Japan is very active in the development of international standards.

Japan is characterized by having one of the most extensive broadband fiber deployments in the world, with the largest number of fiber users in the world. Japan has an actively managed competitive access regime and has had at least six significant information technology (IT) strategies and plans over the past decade. Typically, the targets are met, and there is progression to the next strategy. This puts Japan in a unique position, with one of the most complete broadband infrastructures in the world.

Overall, Japan’s score increases slightly in 2015, and the country easily retains its top spot in the overall rankings — a position it has held since publication of the first scorecard in 2012.

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