An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

United States – Campaign 20 – Fraud Watcher International



Campaign Name:

Fraud Watchers International


Fraud Watchers International

Main URL:


2003 – 2010


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Topics covered:

– Phishing Alerts

– Business Solutions

– Consumer (Consumers home, FWI membership)

– Report Fraud (Report Fraud)

– Fraud Education (Internet Fraud Home, Know Lottery Scam Operatives)

– Identity Theft

– Nigerian 419 Scams

– FAQ’s

– Online Auction Fraud

– Shopping Online Safely

– Privacy on the Internet

– Internet Fraud – Where to report it

– SPAM – Where does it come from and how to prevent it

– Fake Jobs (Money Mules)

– Resources

Target Audience:

– Businesses Solutions

– Consumers

– Members


– Hotline to remove phishing from computer: 1(415) 200 – 0621

– Membership to access additional materials

– Online literature

– Links to various blogs


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Additional Information:

‘The aim of FraudWatchers.Org is firstly to provide support, guidance and assistance to victims of fraud. We are aware of the circumstances under which people fall prey to these crimes – quite often it is out of the simple, human desire to have a second income, or to help a ‘charity’ in Africa or maybe it is just the result of buying something on the Internet for your children. We understand – it is not always blind, mindless greed that causes fraud victims. We care – we have seen hard cases before and we always try our best to look after them. We know – we co-operate with police forces all around the world and can guide you to the right people to report your case ...

Secondly, we aim to educate people about fraud on the Internet, in all its manifestations. If people are educated about fraud, then the fraudsters and scammers would not have the victims to finance their criminal activities. ... At the last estimate in 2003, there were estimated to be around 300,000 professional scammers operating out of Africa alone, generating over 5 billion scam emails. This is a problem we can fight only with education. You can help us, by educating yourself so that you can educate your family, your friends, and your colleagues. ... We have news items, articles, links, everything you need to help yourself and those you care for.’


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