An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

United States – Campaign 10 – FakeChecks – National Consumers League (NCL)

This site takes an interactive approach to alert civilians about personal Cyber-Security threats, as well as assisting victims to recover from infractions the victim and his family may have suffered from identity theft. Users can test their knowledge about identity theft by taking a quiz, or watch videos about identity theft. Additionally, the site provides videos of interviews with actual victims of identity theft. For further information on identity theft, users can follow links to another site found on




Campaign Name:



National Consumer League with:

– American Bankers Association / – American Express / – BITS/The Financial Services Roundtable / – Capitol One / – Fifth Third Bank / – Identity Theft Assistance Center / – JP Morgan Chase / – Publisher’s Clearinghouse / – Visa / – The Western Union Company / – The National Consumer’s League / – United States Postal Inspection Service (b)

Main URL:


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– Funded by donations through the National Consumers League (b)

Topics covered:

– Are You at Risk Tests (At risk from being scammed by a foreign business scheme, overpayment offer, sweepstakes scheme, scammed by scheming suitor, rental scheme, online work at home offer) (c)

– Videos (Love Losses, Foreign Business, Sudden Riches, Overpayment, Rental Schemes) (d)

– Prevention (Love Losses, Foreign Business, Sudden Riches, Overpayment, Rental Schemes) (e)

Target Audience:

– Consumers


– Fraud Test

– Videos

– Online Literature

– Opportunity to Report ID Theft


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Additional Information:

The National Consumer’s League (NCL),

‘the nation’s oldest Non-profit consumer organization’ established in collaboration with the Alliance for Consumer Fraud Awareness, which is ‘a coalition of consumer and business organizations, government agencies, and companies that are committed to finding fake check scams.’


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