An Overview of International Cyber-Security Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives (2011)

Singapore – Campaign 3 – Fasten Up! (Infocomm Security Division, Singapore)

The Infocomm Security Division ‘is chartered to develop and promote a secure infocomm environment for the Public, Private and People Sectors. iSec plays a leading role to establish and facilitate robust and secure government, and national infocomm infrastructures in Singapore. It oversees the establishment of infocomm security policies, standards and guidelines for the Government. In addition, iSec plans and implements central security infrastructures and services and promotes infocomm security awareness to the Public Sector.




Campaign Name:

Fasten Up!


Infocomm Development Authority Singapore

Main URL:


– Not Mentioned


– Not Disclosed

Topics covered:

– What is a wireless network?

– What are some of the dangers connected to wireless networks?

– Protect yourself and your computer when using a wireless network

– Firewall

– Anti-Virus

– Scams

– Updates

– Passwords

– Secure Wi-Fi Surfing

– Typical wireless network set-up

– Major Wireless network security issues

– Protect Yourself As You Surf

– Secure Your Wireless Network

– Steps to check which wireless network you are connected to

– Steps to disable the auto – connect feature in your wireless settings

– Steps to connect to your secure wireless network

– Glossary

Target Audience:

– Consumers


– Quiz –

– Video

– Cartoons

– Online Literature


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Additional Information:

The Infocomm Security Division established the ‘Fasten Up!’ campaign.

‘Beyond the Public Sector, iSec provides incident handling services through SingCERT, reviews infocomm security technologies, collaborates with the industry in infocomm security R&D and works closely with critical infrastructure owners/operators to ensure high service availability. It also promotes infocomm security awareness among the general public and industry through seminars, workshops and other outreach activities.’


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